safety, rules and regulations at tenpins & more

Tenpins & More has completed the new Mexico Safe Certified Training Program


lease remember to return these, tied together in pairs after you have completed your games.

• THE GAME: A game of bowling consists of ten frames. You bowl two balls per frame, unless you roll a strike. It takes four people about 50 minutes to complete one game – most bowl in 3-game sets.

• THE BALL: Balls weigh from 5 lbs to 16 lbs. Children use balls 5 to 1nlbs, youth 11-14 lbs, women 10-14 lbs and men 13 to 16 lbs. Hint – very few bowl 16 lbs, most popular is 14 & 15 lbs.
There are three holes, largest for the thumb and the other two for middle and ring fingers. Thumb should be inserted as far as possible, fingers up to second joint. Release the ball with thumb pointed toward the headpin. Don’t drop the ball, instead, bend the slide knee at release and send it smoothly down.

• THE PINS: There are ten pins on the deck. arranged in four rows like a triangle. Pins are numbered as in diagram. Always refer to correct pin numbers if you need a spare reset.

• SCORING: We have computer scoring. The object is to knock down all
pins with the first ball. This is called a strike. If you don’t, you bowl again at the remaining pins. If you convert these, it is called a spare. Scoring is progressive from frame to frame.

• BEWARE: If there is a machine malfunction, call on the red phone behind your lane to have the problem resolved.

• SPILLS: Do NOT walk in spills. If your bowling shoes are wet, please exchange them for a fresh pair at the front desk.  Do NOT bowl in wet shoes as this could cause a slip and fall. Tenpins & More accepts no responsibility for customersnot following this rule.

• HELP: Call one of the attendants if you need help with anything or have questions.

• DRESS: Dress comfortably with loose clothing. No obscenities and please dress decently as ours is a “Family Entertainment center.” Make sure your shirt or blouse allows for an easy arm-swing.

• ETIQUETTE: Don’t run up in front of your next lane bowlers – always give way to the person on your right..

• LEAGUES: League bowling is the gateway to improving your bowling
average. We have more than twenty different weekly leagues for all ages, some as short as 10 weeks, others no longer than 34 weeks. Detailed flyers are available at the front desk.


Welcome back to Bowling!  SAFE & SANITIZED

* Bowlers should self-screen for symptoms before arriving; check temperature, feeling ill – stay home.
* Our employees will wear face masks provided by us and have their temperature taken each shift. If ill, sent home requiring doctor clearance to return to work.
* All patrons must wear face masks, per NM Health Order, while not bowling, eating or drinking.
* Please maintain social distancing – 6′ between people; follow directional signage if present.
* Avoid unnecessary touching of surfaces to avoid transmission.
* League bowlers should use their personal equipment, sanitized by bowler after each set is over.
* If two teams (up to 4 people) per lane, only two from each team should be downstairs in the playing area; other bowlers should be upstairs at the counter top, apart by social distancing please.
* Spectators and other non-bowlers are limited in number due to 25% capacity restrictions. If allowed they must be seated at the back of the main concourse; Counter tops are reserved for active bowlers.
* Please – NO “High 5’s” – elbow bumps are acceptable to celebrate.
* We’ll sanitize table tops, counter tops, ball racks and other used surfaces after each league pair is done bowling.
* CDC recommends washing your hands with soap & water thoroughly for at least 20 seconds after using the bathroom and after completing your games.
* Hand sanitizer available at counters when needed.
* Laminated food menus sanitized regularly.
* By visiting everyone voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19 and Tenpins & More disclaims all liability therefrom.



* All bowlers must wear masks while inside Tenpins & More. Exclusions while eating or drinking or, if necessary for medical reasons, while on the approach
* Practice social distancing – six feet apart from others
* Keep movement between lanes confined to your pair
* Be ready to bowl when it is your turn
* Only one bowler on the approach at a time
* Please – NO HIGH FIVES; Celebrate responsibly
* Observe one lane courtesy to the right and left of your lane
* Once you have bowled, step off the approach area to avoid distraction to bowlers on adjoining lanes
* Do not excessively loft the ball on to the lane
* Do not deliver the ball over the approach as that may affect slide area
* Do not cross the foul line for any reason
* Do not use foul language [including on T- Shirts], obscene gestures or abuse Bowling Center equipment
* Immediately notify the front desk if your pinsetter stops working, your ball doesn’t return or there’s a spill to clean up



We ask you to kindly follow the guidelines below to avoid unnecessary disruptions:

Mask wearing is still mandatory to enter the premises, and whenever you are not eating or drinking.

• Contact tracing and temperatures required by all patrons.

• Meals and/or shared trays ARE NECESSARY for each table.

• Please maintain social distancing for 6 feet.

• Please do not re-arrange tables and chairs.

• Groups can be no larger than 10 on two tables 6 feet apart.

• Once you bowl league again, you are encouraged to eat on the upper concourse countertops.

• We promise to keep everything safe and sanitized between each use.



Whether you are new to bowling, or a seasoned professional, these are things everyone should be doing, or NOT doing!

    • DO Push the ball out, then down as you take your first step
    • DO Face your target squarely each time
    • DO Follow through smoothly; this will give you greater accuracy
    • DO Work on making each spare. It is possible to bowl up to 190 with no strikes, but all spares
    • DON’T Rush the foul line; a brisk walk will keep your arm-swing in a smooth arc
    • DON’T Loft or bounce the ball onto the lane
    • DON’T Try to throw a speed ball; speed control is vital for higher and more consistent scores
    • DON’T Get discouraged with slow progress; bowling is a lifetime sport!
    • DO Ask for lessons and practice as often as you can

What is Proper Bowling Etiquette?
You will not find all of these in the rule book, but all league bowlers should observe these basic good manners:

    • Do not be tardy when it is your turn to bowl, BUT give way to the bowler on your RIGHT.
    • Stay off the other bowler’s approach.
    • By all means get properly set, BUT don’t take all day.
    • Control your temper and your language.
    • A smooth delivery please! Do Not loft the ball.
    • Do not use another player’s ball, except with his/her permission.
    • Do not cross Foul Line – stay on your own side.
    • Let your opponent bowl in peace – don’t needle him/her.
    • Body English is great, but NOT on the next lane.