20th New Mexico Open

Winner of the 2023 New Mexico Open


Story, results, stats from this year’s tournament, Rio Rancho:

After finishing second twice, Francois Lavoie of Wichita added his name to the winner’s list at last week’s 19th New Mexico Open at Tenpins & More with a clutch tenth frame double for a 202-194 win over last year’s runner-up, J D Nance of Rio Rancho.

Lavoie pocketed a tournament record $ 13,090 for his victory from the record $ 73,430 prize-fund.

The two-time US Open winner also added legacy to the previous winners representing Kansas in Devin Bidwell 2011 and Lonnie Waliczek 2012. 

Lavoie, who will bowl for Team Canada in the November World Championships in Kuwait, savored the win after losing to Jakob Butturff in 2015 and Dylan Taylor (by a pin) in 2021.

In earlier matches covered live by Emil Williams, Fero Williams of Oklahoma lofted his way to a 208-169 win, relegating Kentucky’s Steven Novak to fourth place and a $ 2,650 pay-day.

Nance, the second seed following a final bracket round loss to Lavoie, fired an eight-bagger to drop Williams to third 259-215. Williams received $ 3,250.

To win, Nance needed to beat Lavoie twice. It looked likely to go to O/T as the local southpaw, with a boisterous crowd on his side, was up by 24 pins after the French-Canadian left and missed a washout conversion attempt in the sixth frame.

Nance then left a 6-pin and 7-pin as Lavoie doubled with a different ball, to pull back to within twelve pins. Nance caught a little too much of the ball at release and left an unfortunate pocket 6-8 in the ninth as Lavoie spared – now one pin the difference.

Nance left and spared a washout of his own in the tenth then struck on the fill to make Lavoie double and count to win on his third attempt at what has become a most sought-after title on the US tournament scene, evidenced by 211 entries that came in from fourteen different states, Canada and Mexico.

Nance collected a check for $ 6,810 as back-to-back runner-up.

High game honors went to Arizona’s Matt Jones whose 297 was the only game above a couple 279’s on the special tournament lane condition set down by former PBA player, Mike Miller.

High average was authored by Michael Fitzgerald at 218.0 over 15 games, followed by Nance 217.25 over 20 games. Champion Lavoie carded 210.4 for his nineteen games.

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