JULY 10 Summer Masters finals were contested

Summer Masters finals were contested July 4 with two close finishes and one runaway in the three divisions at Tenpins & More in Rio Rancho.  Ryan Kern, following a recent family move here from Texas, included four 200 plus games in his series, with a finishing run of 243 and 217 to win the men’s by 21 pins from local Benny LeBeau, who beat his entering average all but once.

Third went to diligent improver Trent Irwin, leader after four, who opened his tenth frame in each of the last two games to finish one pin behind LeBeau.

Perry Hampel was fourth followed by C J Valencia in fifth who closed with ten strikes in a row for the high score of the day at 288.

Only three pins separated the top two in the youth final, as Dylan Lopez used a 267 fourth game to eke out a win over Naomi Seiler with Lexi Belnap third a further 17 pins behind after she beat her entering average by 50 pins in two of her six games.

Robin Prioleau, the metro area’s female Bowler-of-the-Year, was unbeatable Tuesday including two big games of 279 and 280 while averaging over 234.  It was more than enough to beat Socorro’s Teri Paterson by 58 pins, with Native American league bowler, Lorraine Silva third a further seven pins behind.

Eleven of the 33 bowlers in the event split prize-money of more than $ 1,550.

* * *

The accompanying Summer Games, held for the twelfth year, had many outstanding performances not higher though than Rio Rancho’s Andrew Carver who led his team to a win with 263, 224 and 299 (786), assisted by Joe LaRosa 690, Josh Wilson 558 and Doug Wilson 423.  With handicap added, they beat the squad of Larry 571 and Paul Martinez 641, Dominic Huerta 536 and Gil Chavez 716 by 146 pins.  The Martinez brothers went on to capture men’s doubles shooting 628 and 699 respectively, beating Perry Hampel and Robert Edwards by 34 pins, with father-and-son Marcus and Christopher Sanders next 24 pins away.

Mixed doubles titles went to Monica Redman 481 and Ward Stoffer 662 from Joe Radosevich 544 and Troian Donnachaidh 541.

Hampel opened with stellar 278 and 258 before closing with 196 for 732 to win men’s singles with handicap adjusted 831, from Trent Irwin 776, David Burnett 750, Mike Lee 749, tournament newcomer Vince Likar 747 and Paul Martinez 720.

Redman won women’s singles that included 201 for 728 from Paterson 717.

The winning youth team would have almost won the adult final, as Donald Gallegos 556, Shane Muller 540, Donovan Romero 610 and Derick Romero 668 put up a 2,926 number.  Gallegos teamed with Daniel Magee for the doubles crown then included 202 and 236 in youth singles win for a championship sweep.